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Canadian French and English artists rack-up certifications

Toronto - December 2003

December saw the rise of French artist certifications, with Bruno Pelletier's "Concerto De Noel" (Distribution Select) reaching Platinum certification status. Nicola Ciccone's "J'Taime Tout Court" (CEP Distribution Exclusive Ltée.), Richard Abel "L'Essential" (Distribution Select) and Various Artists' "Phenomia" (Distribution Select) all achieving Gold status.

Canadian English-language artists were not to be outdone, as Michael Bublé reached Double Platinum with his self-titled album "Michael Bublé" (Warner Music Canada). Sam Roberts achieved Platinum certification with "We Were Born In A Flame" (Universal Music) and Rush went Gold with sales of 50,000 copies of "Rock In Rio" (Anthem Records).

DVD certification for December also had a strong Canadian component. Cirque Du Soleil's "Alegria" (DEP Distribution Exclusive Ltée.) went Triple Platinum DVD, Great Big Sea's "Great Big DVD" (Warner Music Canada Ltd.) and Various Artists' "Phenomia" (Distribution Select) both hit Double Platinum DVD. Cirque de Soleil's "Varekai" (DEP Distribution Exclusive Lteé.) reached Platinum DVD, while Sum 41's "Sake Bombs And Happy Endings (Live in Tokyo)" (EMI Music Canada) and Patou's "Bricolages De Patou Vol.1 and Vol. 2" (Distribution Select) attained Gold DVD with 5,000 copies sold.

International artist Evanescence's CD "Fallen" (Sony Music Canada Inc.) hit Quadruple Platinum with sales of 400,000 and Linkin Park's "Meteora & Meteora Ltd. Ed." (Warner Music Canada Ltd.) achieved Triple Platinum. Coldplay's DVD, "Live 2003" (EMI Music Canada), has gone eight times Platinum.

The Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) is a non-profit trade organization that was founded in 1964 to represent the interests of Canadian companies that create, manufacture and market sound recordings. CRIA's membership is comprised of the major record companies, leading independent labels, and all manufacturers of compact discs and tapes. In all they represent 95 per cent of the sound recordings that are manufactured and sold in Canada.

Audio Certifications

December 2003
4 X Platinum
400,000 Units
Sony Music Canada Inc / Wind-Up
3 X Platinum
300,000 Units
Linkin Park
"Meteora & Meteora Ltd. Ed."
Warner Music Canada Ltd / Warner Bros
200,000 Units
Hilary Duff
Universal Music / Walt Disney Records
Sheryl Crow
"The Very Best Of Sheryl Crow"
Universal Music / A & M / Universal
Michael Bublé
"Michael Bublé"
Warner Music Canada Ltd / Warner Bros
100,000 Units
Keith Urban
"Golden Road"
EMI Music Canada / EMI
Bruno Pelletier
"Concert De Noel"
Distribution Select / Artiste
Linkin Park
"Live in Texas"
Warner Music Canada Ltd / Warner Bros
Sam Roberts
"We Were Born In A Flame"
Universal Music / Universal
50,000 Units
"Rock In Rio"
Anthem Records / Anthem Records
Nicola Ciccone
"J'Taime Tout Court"
DEP Distribution Exclusive Ltée / Matita
Kid Rock
"Kid Rock"
Warner Music Canada Ltd / Lava
Richard Abel
Distribution Select / Abelin
Various Artists
Distribution Select / Zone 3
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Video Certifications

December 2003
8 X Platinum
80,000 Units
"Live 2003"
EMI Music Canada / Eagle Vision
3 X Platinum
30,000 Units
Cirque Du Soleil
DEP Distribution Exclusive Ltée / BMG
2 X Platinum
20,000 Units
Great Big Sea
"Great Big DVD"
Warner Music Canada Ltd / WEA
Various Artists
Distribution Select / Zone 3
10,000 Units
"Inside The Songs Of Sacred Love"
Universal Music / A & M Records / Universal
Cirque Du Soleil
DEP Distribution Exclusive Ltée / Cirque Du Soleil
5,000 Units
Sum 41
"Sake Bombs And Happy Endings (Live In Tokyo)"
EMI Music Canada / Aquarius
"Bricolages De Patou Vol. 1"
Distribution Select / MPV
"Bricolages De Patou Vol. 2"
Distribution Select / MPV

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