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Canada rocks - Canadian artists rack-up multiple certifications in September

Toronto - September 2003

September has been an extremely successful month for Canadian artists in the categories of sound recording and music video/DVD sales.

Nickelback's album "The Long Road" (EMI Music Canada), released on the 23 September 2003, has already hit Double Platinum.

Three Canadian compilation albums have also ranked high. "O Canada - A Canadian Celebration" (Peros Music Inc), reached Platinum status, while "Canadian Idol Greatest Moments" (BMG Canada/ViK) and the "Juno Awards 2003" (EMI Music Canada) both hit Gold status.

Canadian Idol cousin, Star Academie, continues to sell like hot cakes, its self-titled compilation DVD reaching Diamond status with the sale of 100,000 copies.

The Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) is a non-profit trade organization that was founded in 1964 to represent the interests of Canadian companies that create, manufacture and market sound recordings. CRIA's membership is comprised of the major record companies, leading independent labels, and all manufacturers of compact discs and tapes. In all they represent 95% of the sound recordings that are manufactured and sold in Canada.

Audio Certifications

September 2003
1,000,000 Units
"The Eminem Show"
Universal Music / Shady/ Interscope
7 X Platinum
700,000 Units
"Out of Time"
Warner Music Canada Ltd / Warner Bros.
"Automatic For The People"
Warner Music Canada Ltd / Warner Bros.
6 X Platinum
600,000 Units
Warner Music Canada Ltd / Warner Bros.
5 X Platinum
500,000 Units
BMG Music Canada Inc / Arista
4 X Platinum
400,000 Units
"No Angel"
BMG Music Canada / Arista
2 X Platinum
200,000 Units
Warner Music Canada Ltd / Warner Bros.
BMG Canada Inc / Arista
Good Charlotte
"The Young and The Hopeless"
Sony Music Canada / Sony Music Canada
"The Long Road"
EMI Music Canada / EMI
Various Artists
"Planet Pop 3"
BMG Canada Inc / Ariola
100,000 Units
Various Artists
"Don Juan"
Distribution Select / UT Productions
Various Artists
"O Canada - A Canadian Celebration"
Peros Music Inc / Peros Music Inc
Various Artists
"Bad Boys II"
Universal Music / Bad Boy Productions
Various Artists
"I Am Sam - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"
V2 Records Canada Inc / V2
The White Stripes
V2 Records Canada Inc / V2
50,000 Units
Various Artists
"Canadian Idol Greatest Moments"
BMG Canada / VIK
Hilary Duff
Universal Music / Walt Disney Records
Fleetwood Mac
"Say You Will"
Warner Music Canada Ltd / Reprise
George Harrison
"All Things Must Pass"
EMI Music Canada / EMI
"NWA Legacy VI 1988-1998"
EMI Music Canada / EMI
Various Artists
"Juno Awards 2003"
EMI Music Canada / EMI
Various Artists
"Blue Box 2"
EMI Music Canada / EMI
La Chicane
"Ent'Nous Autres"
Distribution Fusion III / DKD
The White Stripes
"White Blood Cells"
V2 Records Canada Inc / V2
"Speakerboxx / The Love Below"
BMG Canada Inc / Arista
BMG Canada Inc / Arista
BMG Canada Inc / Arista
"14 Shades Of Grey"
Warner Music Canada Ltd / Elektra
Various Artists
"American Idol 2 - All Time Classic Love Songs"
BMG Canada Inc / RCA
Eva Cassidy
Distribution Fusion III / Blix Street
Jane's Addiction
Virgin Music Canada Inc / Capitol
Gold Single
5,000 Units
Simply Red
Universal Music / Simplyred.com
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Video Certifications

September 2003
Platinum Video
10,000 Units
Veggie Tales
"The Ballad Of Little Joe"
CMC Distribution / Big Idea
Diamond DVD Video
100,000 Units
Various Artists
"Star Academie"
Distribution Select / Musicor
Led Zeppelin
"Led Zeppelin DVD"
Warner Music Canada Ltd / Atlantic

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