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American Idol stars move singles

Toronto - July 2003

Artists made famous by the American talent search, "American Idol", showed phenomenal sales in July.

Both "American Idol" winner Ruben Studdard and runner-up Clay Aiken saw their singles, released on 10 June, hit Platinum numerous times in a few short weeks. Runner-up Clay Aiken’s "Bridge over Troubled Waters" (BMG Canada) hit Six Times Platinum with 60,000 units shipped in July. Winner Ruben Studdard’s "Flying without Wings" (BMG Canada) made Triple Platinum with 30,000 units shipped.

Canadian artists had good showings in July with The Rankin Family's "Souvenir: 1989-1998" (EMI Music Canada) reaching Gold (50,000 units) and Nickleback's "Live at Home" DVD, also EMI, hitting Platinum with 10,000 units.

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Audio Certifications

July 2003
2 X Platinum
200,000 Units
Kid Rock
Warner Music / Lava
Christina Aguilera
BMG Canada Inc / RCA
Justin Timberlake
BMG Canada Inc /Jive / Zomba
Sean Paul
"Dutty Rock"
EMI Music Canada / Virgin
100,000 Units
John Lennon
"Legend: The Very Best of John Lennon"
EMI Music Canada / EMI
Foo Fighters
"One By One"
BMG Canada Inc / RCA Records
50,000 Units
Peter Gabriel
Universal Music / Geffen / Real World
The Rankin Family
"Souvenir: 1989-1998"
EMI Music Canada / EMI
Various Artists
"2 Fast 2 Furious"
Universal Music / Def Jam
American Idol Season 2
"All-Time Classic American Love Songs"
BMG Canada Inc / RCA
6 X Platinum Single
60,000 Units
Clay Aiken
"Bridge Over Troubled Water"
BMG Canada Inc / RCA
3 X Platinum Single
30,000 Units
Ruben Studdard
"Flying Without Wings"
BMG Canada Inc / J. Records
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Video Certifications

July 2003
3 X Platinum DVD
30,000 Units
Peter Gabriel
"Secret World Live"
Universal Music / MCA
Platinum Video
10,000 Units
"Live at Home"
EMI Music Canada / EMI

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